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Jhoom jhoom ta tu_ (Full Song) Players _ Sonam Kapoor - by ahsan54531

song : mera nasha aisy chary k jhoom jhoom ta tu ja film: players by sonam kapoor *HD* 780p

Is it a muppet? Is it a mop? No, it's Sonam Kapoor's Elie Saab gown at Cannes

May 19, 2015    

The Indian connection with theCannes Film Festival follows a fixed pattern every year.Indian actresses affiliated with cosmetic brands sashay down the red carpet, they are dressed to the nines in global haute couture, they are largely appreciated for being fashionistas and then there is that one outfit that brings it all down by the sheer force of its ridiculousness.This year the dubious honour belonged to Sonam Kapoor. The usually style-conscious actor'sensemble for the film screening ofInside Out consisted of a elaborate yellow Elie Saab contraption that looked more like a feathered duster a...

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