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Snoop dogg cheating scandal - Hip hop Smash

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Parsis miffed as Snoop Dogg's recent video features the Zoroastrian sacred symbol

Jun 12, 2015    

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to controversies, what with his sexist lyrics and homophobic remarks offending many. However, this time around the American hip-hop artist has earned the wrath of the Zoroastrian community.Sound surprised?As it turns out, a new video featuring the artist has been doing the rounds, which not only features stripper poles and skimpily clad women smoking hookah but also stars Snoop Dogg sitting on a throne underneath the 'Faravahar'.The Faravahar, which is better known in Persian as 'fravahr' is a Zoroastrian sacred symbol depicting the guardian angel.The song in question...

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