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shahid kapoor gay.flv

hey people i found a news clip where shahid is said to be a gay,,,and ya if i was at his place and if the news was false i would sue the news channel bt he didnt so this news is true,.,,,,cnn ibn cant be wrong..and one more thing i will quote one sentence of shahid "I think an actor should be like a ...

Producers refused to fund Har Pal following Shiney Ahuja rape case, reveals Jahnu Barua

Nov 25, 2014    

Panaji: National-award winning filmmaker Jahnu Barua has revealed that his long-stalled film 'Har Pal', starring Preity Zinta and Shiney Ahuja, has been shelved finally.The 62-year-old 'Maine Gandhi Ko Nhi Maara' helmer said that producers were reluctant to release the love story afterits lead actor "went through an unfortunate incident". "The film (Har Pal) is shelved now because it has got into some unfortunate situation. The film was almost complete and the lead actor got into some case and the case is not settledyet. Producer is reluctant to release the film... People includ...

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