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A year without Grand Slam success, is Serena Williams a spent force at Majors?

Aug 22, 2014    

Serena Williams, winner of 17 Grand Slam singles title, 13 Grand Slam doubles titles and 62 WTA singles titles, no. 1 for more than 200 weeks and oldest player to be ranked no. 1 in the history of the game.That's a pretty strong case for inclusion in the Greatest of All Time list, alongside Margaret Court, Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert.Over the years, Serena has been many things and been accused of many others. Unfit... unfocussed... unfriendly... but an undeserving world no. 1? Never. Well, not yet, at least.But if Serena fails to win her 18th Grand Slam title in New York i...

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