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Vettel "saluda" a Alonso al adelantarle

Fue un simple gesto. Un detalle que en otras ocasiones podía haber pasado desapercibido. Pero en la última carrera del año con el Mundial en juego llamó la atención. Sebastian Vettel levantó la mano mientras adelantaba a Fernando Alonso al comienzo de la segunda sesión de entrenamientos libre ...

From jeers to cheers: Formula One is in love with Sebastian Vettel again

Sep 14, 2015    

Two years ago Sebastian Vettel was booed at Monza. The then-Red Bull driver had just claimed histhird win at the iconic Pista Magica. But the German was an outsider, a rival winning on Ferrarishome turf.He was also the villain of Formula One, vilified by fans all over the world for his actions in that yearsMalaysian Grand Prix when he stole victory from team-mate Mark Webber, the dominance heexerted over the sport only further feeding fans disenchantment with him.But this year, standing on the second step of the podium garbed in scarlet, the crowd was chantinghis name.Alonso, Alonso, they had ...

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