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Salman Khan Performing on a Award Show

Salman Khan Stage Performances

Pakistani woman crosses border for a glimpse of Salman Khan: Check out these other crazy Bhai fans

Aug 01, 2015    

Salman Khan fans in India are a rare breed.Outwardly, they appear to be normal with the right number of eyes, ears and limbs, buton the inside, they have special filtersthat enable them to focus only on Bhai's on-screen persona while ignoring his off-screen antics. Picture this - Salman fansgetting misty-eyed and praising him for beingthe saviour in Bajrangi Bhaijaan whogoes against all odds to return a girl to Pakistan while conveniently forgetting that he was a convict out on bailduring the movie's shoot.While fanaticism for Indian film actors is not uncommon, with a Rajinikanth fan who was ...

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