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Diandra's hero, Karishma's villain: Salman Khan's double role on Bigg Boss

Dec 16, 2014    

Aah Salman Khan. Always a bundle of contradictions. If hes being accused of running over people on one hand, hes being lauded for Being Human on the other. This dual character seems to spill over on to his anchoring as well. So just when you think Salman is the upholder of the rights of the female contestants of Bigg Boss, he throws a curveball and proves thats just a delusion.This dichotomy that is Salman Khan was on full display in the last week of the show.For those not in the know, Gautam and Diandra are two of the worthy contestants of Bigg Boss. Diandra Soares is a model. Gautam Gulati i...

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