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Rupert Murdoch's Political Influence

What really was the relationship between billionaire Rupert Murdoch and all those British Prime Ministers?

Rupert Murdoch says, 'All Egyptians are white', Twitter gives him a hard time

Dec 01, 2014    

If he keeps stirring controversies this way, the assumption that Rupert Murdoch was born with a ladle in his hands isn't unbelievable. The latest from the 83-year-old business magnet: All Egyptians I know are white.The media magnet chose to defend the white cast of his upcoming film Exodus on Twitter. The film has been criticised for "the lack of ethnic diversity," the Independent reported. "Christian Bale plays Moses in the film, which opens on 26 December in the UK, with Joel Edgerton as Rhamses and Sigourney Weaver as Queen Tuya," the paper reported.Murdoch, who owns New...

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