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BLOOD BANK SRG Hospital & Medical college

SHARMA PRODUCTION Blood Bank Promotional Video Created By : Dr. Ramesh Aggarwal Rohit Sharma & Saksham Sharma II MBBS

If Rohit Sharma was not as talented as he is, would we love him more?

Jun 17, 2015    

Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads. Erica JongThat Erica Jong, I tell you. Shes always making me think. And so does that talented Rohit Sharma. Yes, that Rohit Sharma. He, too, is always making me think.So lets think what if. Lets think what if Rohit Sharma was less talented? Life would be so easy, no? Yes it certainly would be - for fans of Rohit Sharma, for Rohit Sharma haters, and for Rohit Sharma. This question of talent, I tell you, it can be thought-provoking.So now Im thinking if the incredibly talented Rohit Sharma was less i...

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