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Lets Show Minecraft Server De 1.5.2 by o.OVentusO.o

Minecraft Server Vorstellung_ DesireCraft IP_84.200.24.24 1.Gebäude mein hotel_ HotelLavita /warp hotel4 2.Gebäude das 2.Hotel auf den server_/warp hotel 3.G...

After string of supermodel girlfriends, Leonardo DiCaprio spotted flirting with Rihanna

Jan 14, 2015    

Los Angeles: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Rihanna were reportedly spotted flirting with each other at a party here.The duo were caught in the wrong moment at designer Nikki Erwin's 30th birthday bash at the Playboy Mansion Saturday, reports, there are two contradicting theories where one states that they were 'just chatting' and the other mentions that they were getting intimate.No one was making out. They are just friends. That's it. There was a big group dancing. Tom Hardy, Naomi Campbell and a bunch of other people. Everyone was having a good time together. Maybe a...

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