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เก่ง ธชย - What's my name ? (Audio HD)

เก่ง - ธชย ประทุมวรรณ [Keng Thachaya Pratumwan] เพลง : What's my name [Rihanna] (The Voice Thailand รอบ Blind Auditions) Original : Rihanna - What's My Name?...

No skin show: Rihanna covered from head-to-toe in Harper's Arabia

Jun 30, 2014    

The unthinkable has happened: Rihanna has appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and there’s nary a patch of skin to be seen. The magazine calls it the “Rihanna of Arabia” look and if you’re imagining Rihanna’s head on Peter O’Toole’s dishdasha, think again. [caption id=\"attachment_1596051\" align=\"alignleft\" width=\"380\"]

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