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Anushka hasn't confessed yet, but I declare my love for Virat Kohli, says Rakhi Sawant

Mar 19, 2015    

You may love her or hate her, but you surely can't ignore Rakhi Sawant, especially when she is dancing and well, commenting on issues that have nothing to do with her.One such comment came recently from Sawant as she publicly called out Anushka Sharma for playing coy and not professing her love for cricketer Virat Kohli.Sawant made it clear that while Sharma might have inhibitions in talking about her feelings for Kohli, she has no such qualms.Talking to the press, Sawant said, "I like Virat a lot and Anushka ne ab tak kaha kahan hai sabke samne? Kya unhone confess kiya hai? Nahi kiya hai...

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