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58th Filmfare Awards 2013 17th February FULL VIDEO

One of the most popular film award ceremonies, the Filmfare Awards, will be celebrating the 100th year of Indian cinema. The 58th Idea Filmfare Awards will b...

Did Rajiv Gandhi play a role in Operation Bluestar?

Jun 02, 2014    

The roles of the Indian Army and former prime minister Indira Gandhi have always remained under a cloud whenever the bloody truth of Operation Bluestar in 1984 is revisited. The question is how much thought went into the decision of freeing the Golden Temple from the armed men under Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was taken? Was there no one to foresee the serious consequences it could have led to? Probably there was but the saner voices were marginalised. In his piece The Shattered Dome in The Caravan magazine, author Hartosh Singh Bal wrote howthe bloodshed could have been avoided and an amicabl...

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