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Watch out. Sonia Gandhi is in a fiery mood

The Sonia beat must be the quietest beat in India politics. Luckily, there are "senior leaders" and "young party MPs " who can help out. And they say Madam is on fire.

Is Rahul Gandhi with Bilawal Bhutto or MoM? Twitter is searching

Oct 20, 2014    

With Congress losing power in Maharashtra and Haryana, its president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi said the party will now play a "constructive and vigilant role" in the two states where the people have voted for "change" after 15 and 10 years respectively.Congratulating BJP for its success, the Congress leadership also expected that parties forming the government will "fulfill the promises that they made".However, Rahul Gandhi held no press conference or made no media appearance. So, it seems, social media got really 'worried' about the Congress le...

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