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Watch out. Sonia Gandhi is in a fiery mood

The Sonia beat must be the quietest beat in India politics. Luckily, there are "senior leaders" and "young party MPs " who can help out. And they say Madam is on fire.

Waiting for Yuvraj: Here's how Rahul Gandhi gave Congress the finger

Apr 02, 2015    

"Let's go.""We can't." "Why not?""We are waiting for Godot."It must be hard to be a Congressman waiting for their Godot.It must require a special talent to be a career politician and not sound like a cuckolded wife in complete denial as you tell the media:a) That you dont know where your party vice president and heir apparent is, and you have not known for weeks on end. And you are still not filing a police report about a missing person.b)That though you don't know where your yuvraj is, you are sure that hes thinking deeply about you and your well-being ...

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