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Watch out. Sonia Gandhi is in a fiery mood

The Sonia beat must be the quietest beat in India politics. Luckily, there are "senior leaders" and "young party MPs " who can help out. And they say Madam is on fire.

Et tu Rashid Alvi, Manish Tewari? Decline of Rahul Gandhi nearly complete

Sep 16, 2014    

Rahul Gandhi exercises as much control over the Congress today as Asrani did on the jail in Ramesh Sippys Sholay.With a fight for supremacy going on between its old guard and the youth brigade, one can almost imagine Rahul trying to exert his control by asking the two factions to go in different directionsaadhe idhar jao, aadhe udhar jaoand the rest to follow him.Since nobody seems to be following him, just like in the film, somebody may soon put a gun to his head and attempt a jailbreak. You can almost see it coming.History tells us that all empires, states, dynasties, however big and powerfu...

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