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Bleed Saffron - Indians are Ignorant of their past by S Gurumurthy

S Gurumurthy says that Indians are ignorant of their past. In the last 2000 years India was world economic power for approximately 1600 yrs. But in last 200 ...

Rahul Gandhi allegedly dozes off in Parl, footage goes viral on social media

Jul 09, 2014    

New Delhi Video footage of Rahul Gandhi apparently dozing off today in the Lok Sabha during a debate on price rise went viral on the social media.The Congress vice president was seen in a television shot with closed eyes and head tilting on the right.The shot, picked up from Lok Sabha TV, went viral on the social media accompanied by carping comments.While Congress promptly denied that Rahul was sleeping, BJP taunted it by saying this is what the party was doing on price rise for the last 10 years."It is not true. I totally and categorically deny all aspersions," Congress spokesman A...

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