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Dinama Nekh - Episode 11 - Saison 1

Dinama Nekh est une Serie qui relate la vie quotidienne de 2 jeunes femmes sénégalaise en mode Mbarane..Retrouvez-nous sur http://senepeople.comPour suivre toutes vos séries préférées : - Abonnez-vous ici : - Plus de vidéos ici : - L'intégral d ...

Now we are all self-insured against capital outflows: Raghuram Rajan allays fears

May 23, 2015    

Amid a huge sell-off by foreign investors in the capital markets, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan yesterday said India is well protected against volatile capital flows with its deeper reserves, surging growth and a stronger macroeconomic environment."Today we are all self-insured. Today I would argue that India has at least two or three layers of defence (against capital flows)," Rajan said while delivering a lecture at the Madras School of Economics."First layer of defence against volatile capital flows is our good macroeconomic environment... Now I think we are in much better situ...

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