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Brasil Open 2013 - Ginásio do Ibirapuera

David Nalbandian e Rafael Nadal entrando na quadra

FIFA investigation: It's Rafael Nadal's turn to ask for Blatter to go

May 29, 2015    

Spanish tennis superstar and avid Real Madrid fan Rafael Nadal waded into the great football corruption scandal Thursday, suggesting the game would be better served without FIFA chief Sepp Blatter's iron grip on power.Nadal, who is the nephew of former Spanish international Miguel Angel Nadal, believes that for Blatter to have been FIFA president since 1998 breeds an unhealthy environment in the sport."My thought is it is good to have combinations, in politics, in sport, in the world in general," said Nadal."It's good to have the right people in every place. It's good to have pe...

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