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[NVIDIA] Solución a "Controlador dejo de funcionar y se recupero"

Pues lo dicho un video en el que les intento explicar ocmo solucioné yo este grave problema con mi tarjeta grafica. El problema consistia en que se quedaba la pantalla en negro y volvia de repente con un mensaje en pantalla diciendo..."El controlador de nvidia dejo de funcionar y se recupero corr ...

Nvidia's new Tegra K1 chip makes tabs more powerful than Xbox 360

Jan 06, 2014    

A 310-foot "crop circle" in a California barley field that mystified locals this week was explained Sunday it was a publicity stunt by Nvidia Corp, a maker of chips for PCs and smartphones.The crop circle near Chualar, California, contained a stylized image of a computer chip and the number "192" in Braille. On Sunday, the company announced the Tegra K1, a new chip for tablets and smartphones that contains 192 computing "cores," or mini-computers, for graphics applications.Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said at a press conference in Las Vegas, ahead of the Internationa...

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