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MSI GT683DXR Overclocking Guide - GTX 570M

It can be used in any laptop or desktop computer with any graphics card nvidia or ati.The link to the download is the following: recomend using the turbo cooler feature when you overclock the gpu because it reaches higher temperatures. The ...

Nvidia says it sees revenue from cloud computing at $1 bn within two-three years

Jun 01, 2015    

Chipmaker Nvidia Corp said it expects cloud computing revenue to hit $1 billion in the next two to three years, as demand for big data analysis drives growth in graphics chips.Cloud computing is the company's fastest-growing segment, with revenue increasing at about 60-70 percent a year, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told reporters.Nvidia makes chips for computing and gaming graphics, known as GPU, or graphical processing units. It has also been moving into automotive graphics in partnership with automaker Tesla Motors Inc.Cloud computing allows people to play graphics-heavy games over the Internet, Huan...

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