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AMD FirePro W7000 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000 Rendering Performance in SolidWorks 2013

This video compares rendering performance in SolidWorks 2013 using the AMD FirePro W7000 ($899 MSRP) vs the Nvidia Quadro K5000 ($2249 MSRP).These are videos of identical SPECapc for SolidWorks 2013 test with real-world models under real-world rendering and lighting conditions (i.e. not artific ...

Nvidia says it sees revenue from cloud computing at $1 bn within two-three years

Jun 01, 2015    

Chipmaker Nvidia Corp said it expects cloud computing revenue to hit $1 billion in the next two to three years, as demand for big data analysis drives growth in graphics chips. [caption id="attachment_2272310" align="alignleft" width="380"]Image: Reuters Image: Reuters[/caption] Cloud computing is the company's fastest-growing segment, with revenue increasing at about 60-70 per...

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