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Nicole Kidman Presents Randall Craig Johnson(God), As Her Husband, By His Command Pt. 2

Proof That Nicole Kidman, In The Summer Of 2012, Has Carried A Double Life By Presenting Herself As Not Only The Wife Of Keith Urban, But Also, On Her Official Facebook, She Has Presented Herself, For Many Days This Summer, As The Wife, (Erin) Nicole Johnson.Nicole Kidman, Throughout This Summer, ...

HBO documentary reveals church facilitated Tom Cruise's breakup with Nicole Kidman

Apr 01, 2015    

Los Angeles:A controversial new documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Beliefclaims the Church of Scientology facilitated Tom Cruise's breakup with the then wifeNicole Kidman.'The Alex Gibney documentary, which premiered on HBO onSunday, has interviewed a slew of high-profile former membersincluding Crash director Paul Haggis.In the documentary, a former member claims that thechurch did not like it when Cruise fell in love with Kidmanwhile shooting 1990s "Days of Thunder".Kidman was seen astrouble because her father was a psychiatrist, a professionwhich the church doe...

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