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Today we are sowing the seeds for the Youth of India to Conquer the World : Narendra Modi

One may call it as Gujarat giving a new 'creative' meaning to the otherwise horrible numbers of '9/11', when Chief Minister Narendra Modi launched the state ...

Full text PM Narendra Modi's world exclusive interview with CNN's Zakaria

Sep 22, 2014    

Prime Minister Narendra Modi believed that India need not emulate anyone and the Indians are capable enough to make their mark in the world. Speaking in his first world exclusive interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria after taking over as prime minister, Modi talked about a host of subjects like India's relationship with China and US, on Indian Muslims and the recent Al Qaeda threat to target India and what Indians need to do to protect the dignity of women at a time when crimes against women have become so prevalent in the country.Following is the full transcript of the interviewCNN After your ele...

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