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Sardarpura verdict: Will all Gujarat's riots victims also get justice?

With the verdict, the country witnessed a major breakthrough in terms of justice as this was the first time 31 people were convicted, the highest in number, in a communal violence post independence.

If Left can condemn Maoists, why is Narendra Modi silent on Sanghis?

Aug 19, 2014    

Why does the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat constantly remind us that India is a Hindu nation? Last week he seemed to suggest all Indians, whether Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, are culturally Hindus. Bhagwat chose to repeat the line yesterday as if to rub it in further.Modi in his independence day address argued that society cannot progress in the midst of social tensions and recurring violence caused by communal and caste factors.Modi asked for a ten year moratorium on all forms of violence so that India can embark on a truly broad based development process. But shouldn't the moratorium also cover t...

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