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Sardarpura verdict: Will all Gujarat's riots victims also get justice?

With the verdict, the country witnessed a major breakthrough in terms of justice as this was the first time 31 people were convicted, the highest in number, in a communal violence post independence.

PM Narendra Modi at Madison Square Let's sell dreams to the diaspora

Sep 30, 2014    

Its been two days since prime minister Narendra Modi wowed the capacity crowd of overzealous NRIs at the Madison Square Garden, but its reverberations are yet to subside. Undoubtedly, it was the most impactful visit of an Indian leader on American soil and the international media justifiably went to town with it.Now that the excitement is slowly settling down, the most important question is what any communications specialist would ask who was Modis target audience, and why?The obvious answer is that it was the Indian American community. But why? There is no logical answer because three millio...

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