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Sardarpura verdict: Will all Gujarat's riots victims also get justice?

With the verdict, the country witnessed a major breakthrough in terms of justice as this was the first time 31 people were convicted, the highest in number, in a communal violence post independence.

Narendra Modi is anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

Oct 24, 2014    

New Delhi Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he is anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim, and that he cannot dictate terms to his country on the peace process."Prime Minister Modi is your Prime Minister, not Pakistan's Prime Minister. We don't get any dictations from him. We know his credentials. We know his anti-Pakistan credentials."Now, it may be a red line for you that people of Pakistan or the Foreign Secretary must not meet the Hurriyat (leaders). That is not our red line. We do not follow your red line," he tol...

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