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Narendra Modi's notorious link

India News_ Narendra Modi was giving a speech extolling the twin virtues of small government and efficient governance at the very moment that news of the dea...

Narendra Modi vs Xi Jinping The ultimate Asian Heavyweight championship

Sep 18, 2014    

China President Xi Jinping is in India for an official visit, only the third by a Chinese President to the country. He has already praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reformist agenda and drawn favourable comparisons between India and China.Amid all the handshaking and economic cooperation pacts however, Modi and Xi, are sizing each other up. Issues like the Ladakh border incursions and India's relationship with Japan are thorny issues that are not going away anytime soon.But how do they stack up against each other? Here is a quick look, pugilist styleIn theleft corner,we have NARENDRA DAMO...

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