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Narendra Modi Jokes on Politics of India what seems to be current Political situation of India

Narendra Modi jokes on Politics what seems to be the current political situation of India. Anyone can Run the government.

Sagacious statesman CNN's exclusive interview unveils the remaking of PM Narendra Modi

Sep 22, 2014    

by Vivek BhardwajNarendra Modis critics in India can argue that we already know most of the things he said to Fareed Zakaria. Some can carp that his foreign policy statements were clichd expressions of intent and hope rather than deep insights into his geopolitical strategy.To be fair to him, the CNN interview was Modis first formal introduction to the USA. He was talking to those in the US and not really to his audience back home and each of his words and expressions was meant to give those across the Atlantic a glimpse of his mind and persona. To borrow Modis expression, it was a 'make in ...

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