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Narendra Modi Jokes on Politics of India what seems to be current Political situation of India

Narendra Modi jokes on Politics what seems to be the current political situation of India. Anyone can Run the government.

PM Narendra Modi arrives in Japan on five-day diplomatic visit

Aug 30, 2014    

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the Osaka airport in Japan for a five-day visit to the country.Furthermore, the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has arrived in Kyoto to receive Modi, according to TV reports. Abe will be hosting a dinner for his Indian counterpart later on Saturday.Before leaving for Japan, Modi said in New Delhi that this "visit will write a new chapter in the annals of relations between Asia's two oldest democracies and take our strategic and global partnership to the next higher level"."Japan is one of our closest partners in political, economic, security and cu...

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