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Exclusive:Shashi Tharoor says his wife Sunanda Pushkar is 'priceless'

After Naredndra Modi's controversial comments about Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's wife Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor says his wife Sunanda Pushkar is 'priceless'- Asianet News Exclusive Narendra Modi said that Shashi Tharoor's wife is a 'Rs 50 crore girlfriend'

Surviving the Lalit Modi storm: Narendra Modi can pull up Sushma Swaraj, but not Raje

Jun 27, 2015    

Much nuance, even commonsense, is being sacrificed in the way Narendra Modi's political opponents and even the media are dealing with the fallout of the Lalit Modi affair. As things stand now, Lalit is a fugitive and all those who helped him can be said to have aided someone whom the law enforcement agencies are probing.That Lalit Modi is linked to politicians in every major party is something no one wants to discuss - since it does not help put the BJP and Narendra Modi is the dock. The unstated goal is to use Lalit Modi to embarrass the PM, and this is why no one wants to talk about all of L...

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