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British MP Gardiner Exposing Rajdeep Sardesai's biased behaviour against Narendra Modi

What a pity that a foreigner MP has to remind the pseudosecular media anchors to respect Supreme court of India for benefit of our democracy. Extreme shame n...

Comparison with Narendra Modi a compliment Shah Rukh Khan

Oct 17, 2014    

Indore Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan today said that he takes being compared to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a compliment, though he finds it strange because their professions are different."He (Modi) is the leader of the country. We expect him to take the country forward, while people expect me to entertain the country. Therefore, my being compared with Modi is a bit strange, but I take it as a compliment," Shah Rukh Khan, who arrived in Indore to promote his forthcoming film 'Happy New Year' told reporters."I like to listen about such a comparison, but I don't think that i...

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