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Mitt Romney and His FULL 47% Quote

Here is the question that was asked that generated the Romney statement plus the ENTIRE Romney quote, not some cherry-picked, parsing of a few key words:Question: "For the past three years, all everybody's been told is, "Don't worry. We'll take care of you." How are you going to do it, in two ...

Mitt Romney 'stings like a butterfly' in fight with Evander Holyfield

May 16, 2015    

[caption id="attachment_2247936" align="alignnone" width="940"]Romney-Holyfield-Figh_Verm_04 Mitt Romney failed in his bid to become US president – and now he has another failure under his belt after being defeated by heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, in a charity bout. Romney, 68, and Holyfield, 52, sparred, if you c...

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