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Sonata Arctica 2007 interview - Tony Kakko and Elias Viljanen (part 1)

Tony and Elias about Touring, the automatic pilot, a new sound, Elias More video's: http_// Twitter_ http_// F...

Metallica won't perform in their 70s

Jun 28, 2014    

Los Angeles, June 27 (IANS) Members of American heavy metal band Metallica say they won't perform into their 70s like The Rolling Stones.The heavy metal band, made up of James Hetfield, Rob Trujillo, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett, are in their 50s and admit their intense sets take a massive toll on their bodies, reports''I saw the Stones last year in San Francisco and I thought they played great, and for a bunch of guys who are 70-plus, it was a pretty amazing feat," said Hammett.''I don't know if we can do what we do when we're in our 70s, because playing one of our son...

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