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كيف أرسم # ملامح الوجه مارلين مونرو..How can I draw Marilyn Monroe face

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World's original pin-up girl: Marilyn Monroe tops the calendar icon race

Dec 05, 2014    

London: Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe has topped the calendar icon race alongwith singer Kylie Minogue.Glenn McWhinney of Calendar UK said that Monroe was one of the world's original pin-ups and Minogue had been favourite for over 30 years, reported Daily Star."Marilyn Monroe is one of the world's original pin-ups. And Kylie has been a favourite for over 30 years. I guess you could say that class really does retain its appeal. Perhaps we will see Michelle Keegan still going strong in 2024!," McWhinney said.The late beauty and Minogue, 46, have beaten younger celebrities former 23-yea...

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