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Don't lower Army chief's dignity: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said the media report on two key army units being moved suspiciously closer to the capital from their bases outside was "alarmist" and should not be taken at face value.

Budget 2015 could be the most significant since Manmohan Singh's 1991 budget

Feb 23, 2015    

Nine months into the Narendra Modi government, the debate on the economy is shifting from what needs to be done to bring India back to a sustainable growth path to when things will get moving. This is a significant shift. From unbridled optimism immediately before and after the new government took charge in May 2014, the talk in business circles has now shifted to how soon the government can get into action mode.There is unanimity on a few things: One, most corporate leaders and economists believe that there could be no better time to push through the reform agenda than now, given that the mac...

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