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5 Frases de Mahatma Gandhi

5 Frases de Mahatma Gandhi. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; Porbandar, 2 de outubro de 1869 — Nova Déli, 30 de janeiro de 1948), mais conhecido popularmente por Mahatma Gandhi (do sânscrito "Mahatma", "A Grande Alma") foi o idealizador e fundador do moderno Estado indiano e o maior defensor do Satya ...

Lets not fret over Vijay Goels remark: Nobody can usurp Mahatma Gandhis legacy

Oct 03, 2015    

How would have Mahatma Gandhi reacted to Vijay Goel's attempt to compare him with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?One instance should give us a fair idea. In January 1947, while he was walking through a village in Noakhali, where Hindus and Muslims were butchering each other, somebody littered his path with shards of glass and human excrement.The Mahatma broke off a branch from a tree and using it as a broom began to sweep the path. Once it was cleared, he started his journey again.Those who take offence every time an insult real, perceived or imaginary is hurled at Gandhi forget that the great m...

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