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Beautiful People - Leander Paes - 11th Feb 2012 - Promo

After clinching his seventh grand slam title at the Australian Open, tennis ace Leander Paes gets candid about his plans for the upcoming London Olympics. In...

The Leander Paes way: Choose a partner whose strengths are your weaknesses

Feb 02, 2015    

To many people, playing doubles in tennis is all about the partner. Find someone who you sync well with and you amplify your power. Don't find someone who understands your game and you find yourself overreaching. And even then finding the right partner is a rare event.But as Leander Paes and Martina Hingis posted a sensational win in the Australian Open mixed-doubles final and improve their respective Grand Slam count to 15 on Sunday, the thought really was... how does Paes do it?At 41, he isn't getting younger and given that he ends up changing partners pretty often (he has almost had a 100 d...

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