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Heatwave - Sister Simon (Funny Man)

Heatwave -- John Fellows (bass / vocals), Richard Steen (lead guitar / vocals), Terry Shea (rhythm guitar / vocals), Martin Samuel (drums / pyrotechnics), Peter Allat (lead vocals / percussion).The London group released Sister Simon (Funny Man) on the Larry Page Penny Farthing Records (PEN 738) in ...

Larry Page 'acted evil' by using our products without consent Oracle CEO

Aug 13, 2013    

Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp's outspoken chief executive officer, said Google Inc CEO Larry Page acted "absolutely evil" and accused the Internet company of using Oracle's products without permission."We just think they took our stuff, and that was wrong," Ellison said in an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morningthat was aired on Tuesday.When asked if he thought Page was evil, Ellison replied "I think what they did was absolutely evil."Google, whose motto is "don't be evil," declined to comment.Ellison accused Google of using Oracle's Java program...

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