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Killing Floor with the Mob - Multiplayer Gameplay (Part 1)

Killing Floor Gameplay with Glenn (loubot69) jordan (Deos) samuel (holden_team) and micah (kevin rudd)Join Australian Underground Gaming on Facebook! 1 of a 3 part series. More coming soon.

Australian PM Kevin Rudd calls for elections on September 7

Aug 04, 2013    

Canberra Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called an election for Sept. 7 and said Sunday that it will be fought over who can be trusted to manage the Australian economy as it transitions from a decade-old mining boom fed by Chinese industrial demand that is now fading.In starting the five-week election campaign, Rudd said the economy can no longer rely on Chinese demand for iron ore and coal that made the country one of the few wealthy nations to avoid a recession during the global economic downturn."Who do the Australian people trust to best lead them through the new economic challenges that li...

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