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"Don't Mine At Night" - A Minecraft Parody of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (Music Video)

Download the song: **Available everywhere Online Music is sold!**Wallpapers(1920x1080): New D/L Link Crew Involved! Directed & Produced By BebopVox - Music, Vocal & Audio Editing Composer: ...

Lyrics for third graders: Katy Perry picked for dumbest song in Top 40

May 21, 2015    

Parents who say their children's music is dumb might have a point. A new study finds that the average hit song has lyrics at a third grader's reading level.The research took lyrics from 225 songs that topped US charts since 2005 and used standard tests that determine the reading difficulty.The study, completed for ticket seller SeatSmart, found that the average reading level was third grade -- roughly eight years old in the US educational system -- and that it has gone down over the decade.Country music was the most advanced, with an average of 3.3, with R&B and hip-hop last at 2.6.Cou...

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