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Episode 350

Bhavishya feels that Durga may have realised the truth, and decides to go to the mental asylum and find out if Ranbir is still there. Meanwhile, all the memb...

Bang Bang was a very difficult film for me Katrina Kaif

Oct 01, 2014    

New Delhi From shooting in seven different locations across the globe to performing strenuous stunts, Katrina Kaif has done it all in action thriller 'Bang Bang' which the actress says was the most difficult film to work on.The 31yearold actress says she has been hard at work for over a year along with the team to bring the Rs 140 crore film to the big screen. "Whatever was required in the film I was able to do myself and execute in a manner that was desired. The journey of the film was huge with action sequences, 6 to 7 locations all across the globe. It was a very difficult film for me....

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