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Shooting Spree-Mr. Wesley Johnson

Mr. Wesley Johnson To contact Mr. Wesley_ or 954-376-2205 contact_ Malik El Haij Introducing a new artist by the name of Mr. Wesley, hailing...

Swish! Kim Kardarshian gets 30 million followers so Kanye West tweets out nude pics of her

Mar 17, 2015    

As much as Kim Kardashian would like it to be, semi-nude photos of this reality TV star aren't really a novelty.However, nobody causes social media traffic the way Kim K does. All she has to do is be herself and it goes viral.Case in point: For the premiere of the 10th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim K bared it all for the camera and shot a nude photo shoot with her post-baby body. Soon after (in what we can hope is an unrelated incident), she reached 30 million followers on Twitter.First in line to celebrate her accomplishment was husband Kanye West, who decided to tweet out th...

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