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SKYFALL James Bond 007 - International Trailer [ซับไทยและอังกฤษ]

เรียนภาษาอังกฤษง่ายๆกับ trailer Skyfall ของ James Bond หนังสุดฮิต มีทั่งซับไทยและอังกฤษ คลิกไปที่ http_// สำหรับบทเรีย ...

Black 007: If Idris Elba can pull off James Bond in style, who cares about his colour?

Dec 24, 2014    

His name is Bond. James Bond. Not Black Bond.The only problem with Idris Elba being the next James Bond is he would promptly become the Black Bond and thus defeat the entire point of it all. Idris Elbas Bond-worthiness has nothing to do with his race.Elba could be a splendid James Bond because he would look great in a suit, he can drink martinis with lan, fire futuristic weapons, bash up bad guys, romance beautiful leggy women and look unflappably cool at the same time.Jamie Foxx thinks the same, just a shade more colourfully:I ran into Idris and I said You know youre the motherfuckin James Bo...

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