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Ahmad Shah Massoud (1953-2001) وحید قاسمی _ این ملک آزاد در باور تو

آهـنگ از استاد وحيد قاسمى در وصف شـهيد احمـد شاه مسـعود آوازخوان : استاد وحيد قاسمىمطلع آهنگ : اين ملك آزاد در باور ...

Hamid Karzai opposes Pakistan-Afghanistan intelligence deal

May 20, 2015    

Kabul: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesdaydemanded the immediate scrapping of a key accord signed between Pakistan's ISI and Afghanistan spy agency to share intelligence, asking the unity government not to ink such deals which went against the country's national interests.Expressing deep concern over the development, Karzai said the government should "immediately cancel" the Memorandum of Understanding between the Afghan Intelligence and Pakistan's Military Intelligence Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).Karzai, 57, issued a statement calling on unity government leaders...

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