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Eminem - My Only Chance - new song 2013 (NEW ALBUM 2013)

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Southpaw review: Jake Gyllenhaal bulks up, finds his inner Eminem and makes the film watchable

Jul 31, 2015    

There are a couple of things you need to know about Southpaw before you go in to watch it. First, it’s about a legendary boxer who goes down hard in life and then heroically rises up against all odds – but the character is entirely fictional. Second, the film is based on the life of – wait for it – Eminem.Yes, Eminem is the superstar rapper who has probably never worn a boxing glove in all his years and yet Southpaw is a film based on his life. How is this possible, you ask? Because the filmmakers took Eminem’s life and used the boxer to create parable. He first b...

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