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El Aguila De La Legion Perdida Pelicula Completa Online

Aqui puedes ver la peli online:::: El Aguila De La Legion Perdida pelicula completa online en español 2011 enteraDistribuidora: Universal Pictures International (UPI) Productora: Focus Features, Film4, Toledo Productions Dirección: Kevin Macdonal ...

Foxcatcher review: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum are brilliant, but the film isn't as good as DuPont's real story

Jan 30, 2015    

Acclaimed director Bennett Millers new film Foxcatcher has got a bunch of Oscar nominations and has been praised for its powerhouse acting and chilling atmosphere. All of those things are true, except the acclaim is a notch higher than it deserves. Foxcatcher is indeed unsettling, but never menacing. The performance from Steve Carell as John DuPont is truly terrific, but a lot of it has also to do with his makeup. Foxcatcher deserves all the awards its being nominated for, but DuPont deserved a much bigger film.The film chronicles the real life story of Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum), an Olympi...

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