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pubblicità Chanel n. 5 Brad Pitt in palermitano

Chanel n 5 Bred Pitt palermitano è un piccolo video di 27 secondi... è un doppiaggio rigorosamente in dialetto palermitano! Mi è venuta questa idea perchè il mio carissimo amico Lorenzo, mi ha mostrò pochi giorni fa, un video dove si diceva che per avere successo su Youtube, bisogna creare una ...

Trailer: 'The Big Short' with all-star line-up of Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell

Sep 23, 2015    

After Margin Call, Too Big to Fail, Inside Job, Up in the Air, The Queen of Versailles and Killing Them Softly; Hollywood is all set for another movie with the financial meltdown of 2008at its centre. But before you lean back and decide to ignore this one, here is the cast for the new movie: Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Melissa Leo and Steve Carell.The film is based on the bestselling book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis, who also penned Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game and The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game(which were both turned into award...

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