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Inondation New York , Manhattan ! Ouragan Sandy

Le passage de l'ouragan Sandy sur New York a causé des inondations à Manhattan et plongé la moitié de la ville dans le noir, dans la nuit du 29 au 30 octobre. Les événements ont poussé le président américain Barack Obama à décréter, mardi, l'état de "catastrophe majeure" pour l'État de ...

From Barack Obama to Stephen Hawking, here's what people had to say about NASA's #PlutoFlyBy

Jul 15, 2015    

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft got humanity's first up-close look at Pluto on 14 July. And when confirmation of the mission success came after 13 hours across the 3 billion miles to much celebration from the humans waiting with bated breath.This Pluto flyby mission is a major achievement as we have never been to that part of the universe and this was the first clear look of the farthest planet.It has been 26 years since we had our last "first look" at a planet, the last time was in 1989 when Voyager flew past Neptune.The historic movement captured the imagination of scientists and pu...

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