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この動画は、2012年4月1日にミャンマーで行われた補欠選挙で、アウンサンスーチーさんと野党第一党NLDの歴史的勝利を記念してプロデュースしたものです。 一日も早く、ミャンマーの軍事政権が終焉し、民主化が達成 ...

Aung San Suu Kyi sidesteps Rohingya migrant crisis for political pragmatism

May 29, 2015    

Aung San Suu Kyi was once an unassailable champion of Myanmar's powerless. But the opposition leader's refusal to speak up for a persecuted Muslim minority at the heart of a migrant crisis has cast doubt over her moral force -- and even earned a gentle rebuke from fellow Nobel laureate the Dalai Lama.Images of hungry migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh hauled from vessels to Southeast Asian shores after months at sea have spurred calls for immediate humanitarian action to be matched by moves to address the root causes of the crisis.Regional nations are gathering in Bangkok Friday to discuss b...

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