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Kalki Avatar: A Response to Mr. Zakir Naik

This is a WAR of CIVILIZATIONS and we have to fight against INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM, to revive DHARMA Identity of INDIA. i.e. HINDU -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hinduism is the most Ancient religion in the world. It is also known as Sanata ...

Arvind Kejriwal's solution to Delhi garbage crisis: Give Rs 550 crore loan to MCD to pay for workers' salary

Feb 04, 2016    

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal created much anticipation about his press conference by tweeting earlier that he will unveil a "solution" to Delhi’s garbage crisis. His innovative solution, however, failed to match the hype.Kejriwal announced that the Delhi government will give a loan of Rs 550 crore to the municipal corporations so that they can pay the salaries of all their workers up to 31 January. “This is a loan; Delhi government does not owe the MCDs (Municipal Corporations of Delhi) even a single rupee. The claim by the BJP is false,” he said.[caption id="attachment_24625...

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