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Yo soy MANA "Fher Olvera" 17-10-2012 - peru CASTING cuarta temporada - Yo soy 17 octubre. yo soy

Yo soy FHER DE MANA 17 octubre - mana peru17-10-2012. Maxwill Flores IMITADOR PERUANO. BUENA CALIDAD DE VIDEO, Pa q hd se ve aceptable 480 p. Yo soy casting cuarta Temporada.Yo soy mana peru - yo soy 17 octubre. Audiciones. Frecuencia latina. Gv producciones. Yo soy. Gisela Varcarcel (La Jefa), R ...

You know I'm no good: Amy Winehouse documentary premieres at Cannes

May 18, 2015    

Los Angeles:A documentary on Amy Winehouse called "Amy" premiered at the 2015 Cannes InternationalFilm Festival.The Asif Kapadia-directed movie showed the dark side ofthe late rocker's fame.At one point in the movie, Winehouse, who died at the age of 27 from alcohol poisoning in 2011, confessed that shedidn't think she could handle fame."I don't think I'm going to be at all famous," a teenage Amy said, adding, "I don't think I could handle it."Winehouse's parents also appeared in the film but they criticised it, calling it "unbalanced."A spokesperson for...

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