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Khiladi on fire: Watch Akshay Kumar nearly escape an accident on the sets of 'Singh is Bling'

Aug 26, 2015    

Akshay Kumar is known to pull off his own action stunts in films, no matter how dangerous they may be. On the sets ofSingh is Blingrecently,Kumar survived a fire accident just in time.While shooting for the song 'Tung Tung Baaje' from the film, Kumar had to jump through a ring of fire. In the film, he plays a Sardar who prides himself on being a daredevil.In a video released by the film's production houseGrazing Goat films, Kumar is seen rehearsing with his stuntmen many times before jumping through the circle fire. In one such jump, he misses the mark and the flaming circle falls onto him.For...

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