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Aishwarya Rai is without dress. She is nacket one person hugged her.

video uploaded from my mobile phone.

Why the 'open letter' against 'racist' ad was addressed to Aishwarya Rai, not Kalyan Jewellers

Apr 24, 2015    

Before the 'underage slave-child' surfaced in an unimaginative Kalyan Jewellers print advertisement - holding a parasol as Aishwarya Rai pays tribute to her one expression inDevdas -there were no dearth of rotten stereotypes in Indian commercials and ads.Racial profiling, gender stereotypes, sexist jokes - apart from general stupidity - are recurrent motifs in Indian advertisements. For example, from detergentto bathroom cleaners, from utensil cleaning soaps to room fresheners, every product that has to do with scrubbing, cleaning and washing, inevitably has a female protagonist. They lazily e...

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