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Rani Mukherjee flirt with Aamir Khan

Actor Amir Khan join along with Rani Mukherji and Co producer Farhan Akhtar And Ritesh Sidhvani at the music launch of his upcoming film 'Talash'.Also Lyrici...

Dear Mr Satyamev Jayate, we don't care about AIB Roast, can we please have our Aamir Khan back?

Feb 13, 2015    

Okay, log out of Twitter and Facebook, uninstall your WhatsApp, and pretend Google is a typo for googly. Right, you've now travelled back by nearly two decades.Now, what are you doing on the weekend?Huddling in front of the TV, waiting for song number 1 on Superhit Muqabla, right? Or feeling perfectly happy at the news of Shah Rukh Khan dancing at the Filmfare award. And then feeling puzzled why Aamir Khan was never up there prancing around on one of those stages, in leather pants and jacket.Aamir Khan, for Bollywood addicts like me, was the guy who couldn't ever take the spot reserved for che...

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